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What is Bioelectricity? by Joseph Lucier AOBTA

What is Bioelectricity? by Joseph Lucier AOBTA

What is Bioelectricity and Bioelectrical Messaging?

Excerpt from the book, “Bioelectricity, The Forgotten Paradigm”, Joseph Lucier AOBTA

We are energy beings and in a healthy state every nerve impulse in the body is a successful, complete, fully charged electric current.

Bioelectric potentials (electric current produced by individual cells) are identical with the potentials produced by devices such as batteries or generators. In the human body however, a bioelectric current consists of a flow of ions (i.e., electrically charged atoms or molecules), whereas the electric current used for lighting, communication, or power is a movement of electrons.

In living cells there are two solutions; one found inside and one found outside of the cell. The cell membrane separating inside from outside is semipermeable, allowing certain ions to pass through while blocking others. In particular, nerve-cell and muscle-cell membranes are slightly permeable to positive potassium ions, which diffuse outward, leaving a net negative charge in the cell. The bioelectric potential across a cell membrane is typically about 50 millivolts; this potential is known as the resting potential.

Electromagnetic effects also play a crucial role in regulating cell behavior. As we stated, current creates an electromagnetic field 90 degrees to the flow of the charge. Cells maintain an electrical potential difference of a few hundred millivolts across their membranes by actively pumping charged particles. A similar potential difference is maintained across mitochondrial membranes as well.

Electric fields seem to play an organizing role in the transport of key molecules within the cell, and in regulating the traffic of molecules between the cytoplasm and the nucleus. Additional important electromagnetic effects are associated with microtubules which are small tubes which help in the structure of a cell (like spinal disks in the spine) and which are also involved in cellular transportation of materials.

The secret electric life of cells remains largely unexplored territory, but it is clear that the progress of cells from healthy to malignant is accompanied by changes in their electromagnetic signatures, thus offering possible diagnostic opportunities, and even the possibility of controlling malignant progression by manipulating electric and magnetic parameters.

All cells use their bioelectric potentials to assist or control metabolic processes, but some cells make specialized use of bioelectric potentials and currents for distinctive physiological functions. Examples of such uses are found in nerve and muscle cells.

Information is carried by electric pulses (called action potentials) passing along nerve fibers. Similar pulses in muscle cells accompany muscular contraction. In nerve and muscle cells, chemical or electrochemical stimulation results in temporary changes in the permeability of cell membranes, allowing the electric potential between inside and outside to discharge as a current that is propagated along nerve fibers or that activates the contractile mechanism of muscle fibers.

The transport of sodium ions is involved in the production of action potentials. Among other cells in which specialized functions are dependent on the maintenance of bioelectric potentials are the receptor cells sensitive to light, sound, and touch and involve many of the cells that secrete hormones or other substances.

For the Tam Healing System, if there is resistance, we can remove it by opening a blockage and allow proper bioelectricity flow to be recovered. This is the major strength of our healing system and why it is so effective.

Joe Lucier, Founder

Tong Ren Academy, Tong Ren Healer

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