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Cancer is a Survival Tool of Nature by Joseph Lucier AOBTA

Cancer is a Survival Tool of Nature by Joseph Lucier AOBTA
By 2020, 50% of the population will have had cancer.

Costs are expected to be from $124 billion 2010 to $205 billion in 2020.

Cancer is a Survival Tool of Nature by Joseph Lucier


Cancer is now an epidemic as well as a multi-billion dollar industry. A couple of hundred years ago, 1 person in 8,000 people got cancer, now it is approaching nearly 50% or 1 in two people. Everyone knows someone with cancer.

What is Disease?

Just about every disease can be the result of two basic things; deficiency and toxicity. There are no mysteries when it comes to optimum health if we follow these basic elements of common sense.


  1. Nutrients from food
  2. Bioelectricity from the Central Nervous System (CNS)
  3. Oxygen in the body and tissues deficiencies can be caused by poor circulation, lack of exercise, acidic pH environment
  4. Water for optimal hydration


  1. Poisons from Food
  2. Toxins from the Environment
  3. Poor Circulation and mechanisms to remove toxins from the body including poor elimination of toxins

Cancer – Two Phases of Disease

Cancer is also the result of deficiency and toxicity. But, it is important to be very clear that the body goes through a pre-cancer phases before getting to full blown cancer, or what I call Natural Response Cancer (NRC)

  1. Phase 1 – Pre-Cancer Phase: Toxicity is beginning to build up in the body causing the beginning stages of oxygen deficiencies, toxicity in the blood vessels and eventually getting right into cells
  2. Phase 2: Natural Response Cancer: When the body loses momentum to fight off excessive and long-term deficiency and toxicity, and there is a true threat of survival, the body itself initiates the natural built-in mechanism of cancer generation in order to compensate to the greatest threat to our bodies, a lack of oxygen in specific areas of the body.

Tell-tale Signs of Full Blown Natural Response Cancer

The pre-cancer phase is simply the buildup of excessive toxins of the body or impairment of bodily functions due to bioelectrical blockages. In this phase, cleaning up the diet, removing blockages, increasing exercise can all boost the resources and immune system to deal with the problem. When the body is losing the battle, we have what is generally known as cancer. The key is that, the body generates cancer to survive. There is no reason why the body would generate something to kill us but, totally logical to believe that the body will go to all lengths to survive. Here are the characteristics of NRC.

  1. Oxygen: Normally, the body makes energy with aerobic cellular respiration , combining oxygen and glucose to supply us with the resources to do work and perform all bodily functions. A lack of oxygen causes anaerobic cellular respiration, energy production just with glucose because of a lack of oxygen. This is a backup system, a secondary way to generate energy which is similar to fermentation, in order to still generate at least some energy in order to survive.
  2. Genes: The body has genes which instruct the body to create cancer cells called oncogenes and cancer suppressor genes to turn off cancer production when the threat is gone and oxygen is returned to the areas
  3. Angiogenesis: In phase 1 cancer, tumors may be formed from mutated cells, broken DNA due to cellular toxicity, or low voltage due to bioelectrical blockages. Angiogenesis is the process generated by the body to allow the body to produce larger cancer tumors by enabling blood vessels to grow and supply the affected area with nutrients. If the survival challenge is growing, the body will enable a tumor to grow larger and larger in order to continue to supply some energy to the area.


It is important to fully understand the causes of cancer when treating and understanding cancer. All humans have cancer cells and it is estimated that all humans have at least early stage NRC as many as 6 times in our lives. For the early phase, boosting the immune system and eliminating toxicity in the body will eliminate the progression of toxicity and deficiency to the critical stages where the body has to step in and create cancer cells to keep us from dying.

Allopathic medical models target the result of these processes but do not target the causes. Instead of trying to eliminate cancer by adding in more toxins through processes like chemotherapy and radiation, it is better to eliminate all existing toxins which are actually causing the problem in the first place. Instead of suppressing the immune system with medications, boost the immune system to detoxify and oxygenate the body through a healthy diet and exercise. Before doing things which are contrary to nature such as poisoning and irradiation, it is better to work with nature and avail ourselves of the greatest resources, the body itself.

Why beat up the body with potentially iatrogenic treatments when it is in dire need of nutrients, support, reinforcement and encouragement. The issues of toxicity, deficiency, diet, bioelectrical blockages, exercise, oxygenation, pH balance should all be addressed as early as possibly to finally stop the continued escalation of this life-threatening and species-threatening condition and avoid even arriving at the critical stages of the Natural Response Cancer phase in the first place.

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