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They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. For healing, a testimonial is worth the reducing of suffering of a thousand people. The best information to motivate and empower someone is to speak or read about someone else that has been there and experienced what they are going through and how they got better. When another person has experienced the benefit of healing and wants to share and help others going through a healing crisis, nothing more can touch the heart of people seeking recovery from illness. Nothing more than self-less giving can offer such compassion.

Gallbladder Surgery Avoided

On 4/12/13 I had a HIDA scan at Milton Hospital to check my gallbladder’s ejection fraction (the rate at which bile is released from the gallbladder). According to the ordering physician, a reputable MA surgeon, an ejection fraction of 35% or lower signifies gallbladder disease; mine was 28%. He insisted that my gallbladder be removed immediately due to the severity of my gastrointestinal symptoms that were triggered by eating any food whatsoever. Instead of following his prompt, I pursued alternative therapies at the Tam Center For Healing, which included massage therapy with Joseph Lucier, LMT. Joe quickly and effortlessly identified specific points of tension in my neck and back that he explained corresponded with my dysfunctional gallbladder. He loosened those areas during our sessions and encouraged me to self-massage daily to maintain the benefits of his focused work. Within one month I repeated my HIDA scan at Quincy Medical Center, and my ejection fraction had skyrocketed to a remarkable 82%. I would recommend Joseph Lucier, LMT, to others seeking minimally invasive resolutions to illness and disease. I feel his massage therapy has been an integral piece to my continuing recovery. The proof is in the numbers.

Practitioner: Joseph Lucier LMT – Quincy, MA USA

Michelangelo Barone

Lung Cancer – Tam Center Testimonial

My lung cancer was accidentally detected by MRI that was ordered for the back injury and it was confirmed by biopsy on 1-18-2013. The primary tumor was 2cm at lower right bronchus and a 2cm metastatic tumor at L2 and same size at chest bone and one 3mm at the adjacent nymph node.

I received chemo on February and started coming to Tong Ren around mid February. I was referred by a friend who survived from cervical cancer. It has been four months of attending Tong Ren class, I did feel I have a better chance to survive. My last pep scan was done on may 30, it showed the uptake of SUV contrast was dropped from 4.3 to 1.9 and also showed the 3mm tumor disappeared and the L2 bone started to heal. The pep scan didn’t mention the size it has shrunk, because it measure the activity of the cancer by the uptake of SUV contrast. About my energy, it has been always good except the side effect from the chemo and weight has been also well maintain around 128 pounds. There were two symptoms that I have noticed of significant improve which were cough and shortness of breath and I don’t have them anymore.

Tam Center For Healing Quincy MA USA

Benny Chan

Stage 4 Thyroid Cancer

In October 2005 I was diagnosed with stage 4 thyroid cancer. I underwent surgery and shortly thereafter I began Tong Ren healing with Joseph Lucier. As the time went on I also developed breast cancer and Joe hit it head on with Tong Ren Healing. In March 2009 I was declared stable. The cancer having gone from what was called an elongated cantaloupe to 3cm in diameter in my throat. No cancer in the breast or any place else. Joe and I have worked together since 2005 – a more caring individual I’ve never met before. And a more dedicated individual I’ve never met before either. Thank you Joe for all you’ve done and do!

Practitioner: Joseph Lucier LMT – Quincy, MA USA (2012)


Facial Nerve, Facial Muscles, Posture

I went to see Joseph Lucier upon the recommendation of a good friend who spoke wonders about Joe Lucier’s healing powers and Tui Na Medical massage. I went to see Joe for relief of jaw and mouth motor and vocal tics I had developed after a head injury. The tics were worsening with severe stress that I was experiencing. After seeing many medical providers and having many tests, no one could find anything wrong or offer any type of treatment other than cognitive behavioral therapy. I had no hope of anything changing. Also my posture was stooped with my head jutting forward and my facial muscles were losing sensation. With Joe’s treatment the difference was almost immediate. The tics were significantly minimized, my face was more relaxed, my posture had changed from stooped to straight and the bump on my neck was gone. I also had sensation back in my facial muscles. Joe accomplished what no other medical provider did. I would recommend him without reservation.

Practitioner: Joseph Lucier LMT – Quincy, MA USA (2014)

NOTE: Complimentary beneficial acupuncture treatments from Anita Daniels Lic. Ac were also added to the treatment plan which also helped.


Hashimotos, Posture and Back Problems

I see Joe Lucier [Tam Center] for Tui Na massage for autoimmune Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease. As someone in the health care profession, I consider Joe Lucier to be on the top of my list as a healer and for providing the highest quality of care. Even with medication and supplements, I continued to esperience excessive fatigue related to Hashimoto’s. I have also had long standing neck and back issues, His massages are like non other I have experienced. The massages release and open the blockages. I also feel revitalized and energized. In addition, my posture has improved. I highly recommend him. Just one more thing to add to my testimonial, you completely fixed my back, especially lower back. Didn’t realize how painful it was. Now I can twist, stretch with no pain and more flexibility. Thanks!

Practitioner: Joseph Lucier LMT – Quincy, MA USA 2014


Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)

My daughter was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia on her second birthday. She underwent five intensive rounds of chemotherapy and relapsed three months after treatment. She then underwent an umbilical cord transplant and again relapsed three months later. She was then given a targeted chemotherapy agent which caused VOD, a failing liver. The doctors then indicated that they had exhausted all options, that her liver would not heal and that they could not eradicate the leukemia. They estimated that she had 1-4 weeks left to live. Desperate, I started searching the internet for a viable alternative to modern medicine, I found Tong Ren therapy and immediately contacted Joseph Lucier.

We worked together over the phone every day to give her treatments and slowly she started to improve. She eventually was well enough to check out of the hospital and continued to improve at home. Her last biopsy showed no signs of leukemia, it looked healthy. It is now three months after she was discharged from the hospital and she is doing wonderful. “Amazing” and “miracle” are words the doctors use to describe her recovery. She is no longer in need of any transfusions and she is off of all medications and steroids. She is playing and enjoying life as a three-year old. During the treatment, Joe taught me how to do Tong Ren and I now do 2-3 sessions a week for my daughter….a small price to pay to have her in our lives.”

Practitioner: Joseph Lucier LMT – Quincy, MA USA – 2008

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

I would like to offer a written brief account of my Tong Ren System Healing experience to share. I learned of Tong Ren (TR) from a friend that had been fighting cancer and emailed me April 2011 to say that the doctors declared her to be miraculously cancer free from an incurable cancer by traditional medical practices. I knew she was doing some sort of “Voodoo” as I was calling it, and certainly did not expect such wonderful news. Knowing of my Rheumatoid Arthritis she suggested that TR was helping people with all types of ailments, and that I should be participating. As fast as I could manage it, I booked a flight from Alaska to Boston to attend a Tong Ren and Tui Na Massage class with Joseph Lucier during one weekend. I spent a week in the greater Boston area, visiting my friends and participating in Joseph’s class, attending Tom Tam’s “guinea pig” classes in the evenings, receiving one acupuncture, Tui Na, Tong Ren session privately with Tom Tam, and one hour long Tui Na massage with Joseph during that week. When I arrived to Boston, the biggest complaint I had been having for almost 10 years was a non stop pain in my neck.

I had tried everything I could think of over the years to end that pain, including many massages, medications, and supplements and nothing worked. The day I left from Boston to return home after my final Tui Na massage with Joseph, the pain that had existed in my neck for so many years was GONE! It was such a wonderful experience to feel the pain melting away more with each different session I attended during that week. There are not enough words to express my happiness at having that pain removed from my life.

My battle against my RA was started up that week with many healing sessions, as well as a class to learn to help heal myself and others, so I was on the start of a road to recovery. Once home in Alaska, I continued distance healing sessions with Joseph weekly using skype to communicate during our TR sessions. I admit that my attitude earlier in the sessions could be described as hopeful, but with some doubts that I had to mentally fight, as I did not want to block out the good healing energy that Joseph was directing to my body. With time the doubts melted away. I also do TR for myself and a friend with with RA several days each week, in addition to my sessions with Joseph.

In Nov 2011 I was feeling so relieved of my RA pain that I decided to stop taking my Enbrel to see how I would do with just TR. That was a year ago now. I will admit to some small incidents of RA pain that I could directly link to some stressful events, and a poor diet choice during the Christmas holidays. Each time I boosted up the TR, and was successful at controlling the pain again. My RA is not completely gone, but better managed than ever in the 15 years that it has been part of my life. This really works.

Joseph is a generous man and talented healer. He truly cares for his patients and works hard to facilitate their healing. He shares dietary knowledge as he works on me, as I am always filled with questions. After I had been working with Joseph for some period of time, I started to notice that as the intensity of our healing session progressed that I was experiencing a swaying motion. At first I stilled myself when that happened. Finally it occurred to me that it was the experience of having the healing energy directed to me that was the cause of this motion, so then I began to embrace it as a good sign. I have added meditation to my life as often as I can slow down long enough to remember to do it, and notice the swaying happens when I meditate also. My experience with Tong Ren has caused me to have interest in other “Energy” healing modalities, so I took my first level Reiki class this week. Interesting that when I am doing Reiki the swaying motion occurs again. Everyone feels the “Chi” in their own way, and that seems to be mine.

I would recommend Tong Ren, and Joseph Lucier as a healer to anyone that has a medical problem from the most minor headache to severe chronic disease. Joseph will serve you well if you open yourself to give him the opportunity. If you are lucky enough to live near Boston, not only can he help you with TR treatments, but also with the most healing Tui Na massage.

Practitioner: Joseph Lucier LMT – Quincy, MA USA

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