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Tong Ren In A Day Live Lecture – May 20 Saturday 1-5PM


Time: 2pm to 5pm

Conditions like cancer, Parkinson’s, heart disease, diabetes are serious conditions and they are becoming more and more prevalent. One of the 3 pillars of healing in the Tam Healing System, is Tong Ren or distance healing. It is an easy to use distance healing technique. With 15 years of Tong Ren experience, Joseph Lucier teaches an easy approach as well as gives an understanding as to how the healing works.


Tong Ren in a Day – Be Your Own Healer Workshop (In-Person):
Saturday May 20 Saturday 1-5PM
Practical Knowledge and Applications of Tam Healing Tong Ren for Daily Healing and Health Maintenance
Investment: $75
Location: Tam Healing Center 5th Floor, 15 Cottage Ave, Quincy MA 02169
What You Will Learn:
– Learn the simple basic Anatomy and Physiology for Tong Ren Learn the basics of bioelectricity
– Understand how to treat people anywhere in the world or right next to you
– Create positive momentum to reverse major illnesses
– Use a laser to enhance energy and targetted treatments
– Rejuvenate the body by opening a blockage
– To use simple technologies to have free phone or video international communication to do treatments
– Remove resistance allowing the body to thrive and regenerate and heal
Who should take this class?
– People going through a healing crisis
– People treating someone else going through a healing crisis
– Practitioners treating patients
– People that want to treat themselves
– People wanting to add an effective tool to their tool sets and be able to treat people all over the world
– Joseph Lucier AOBTA, 17 Year practitioner of the Tam Healing System with Tuina Massage and Tong Ren
– Author: Tam Healing System Books: Anatomy and Point Location, Depression Treatment Strategies, BioElectricity, The Nature of Cancer, Avocado Joy
– Educator: National and International Educator of the Tam Healing System, including recent training Esofos Greece
Contact: Joseph Lucier, 617-276-5603 vegandaoist@hotmail.com


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