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Tong Ren Fundamentals Self-Study (Online)


The advantages are obvious:

  • No traveling required
  • Study from home
  • Reread materials at your leisure
  • Multi-media with videos and images included
  • Regular communication with the instructors

The Tam Healing System is a comprehensive healing system for simple as well as complex conditions including cancer. This foundational material serves as the basis for the 3 core modalities used:

  1. Tui Na Medical Massage Therapy
  2. Acupuncture
  3. Tong Ren Distance Healing

The Tong Ren Fundamentals – Self-Study (Online) covers the following topics:

The Spinal Column and the Central Nervous System

      • The History, evolution and Background of the Healing System
      • The Spine
      • The Nerves
      • The CNS – Central Nervous System
      • The Cranial Nerves
      • Opening Blockages

PLEASE NOTE:  When you purchase this training course, you will be asked to create a user account, with a user name and password.

To take the training course:

      • Log into your new user account.
      • Scroll down the YOUR ACCOUNT page to see the name of the training course, which is a blue link.
      • Click the link to start the training course.

If you have any technical questions during the course, please contact vegandaoist@hotmail.com.


Tong Ren Fundamentals – Self-Study (Online) Training

Self-study is now as common as in-person training.  We want to give everyone the opportunity to get this invaluable training!



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