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July 14 Be Your Own Healer – Day 1


When: March 25

Time: 9AM to 5PM

Conditions like cancer, Parkinson’s, heart disease, diabetes are serious conditions and they are becoming more and more prevalent. Learn to take charge of your life and go home with practical easy to use techniques.


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Time: 9am to 5pm July 15
85 Essex Street, Haverhill Massachusetts

Conditions like chronic pain, cancer, Parkinson’s (PD), heart disease, diabetes are serious conditions and they are becoming more and more prevalent. In this workshop, we cover the following based on 20 years of experience and cases::

  1. Basic anatomy and point location
  2. What is the Tam Healing System and bioelectricity
  3. Introduction to Tam Healing System Massage – Hands on Practice
  4. Introduction to Using and Applying Tong Ren – Hands on Practice
  5. Open Discussion Plant Based Nutrition
  6. Case studies of treatments from all over the world

Why take this lecture?

  1. Learn how to treat different conditions for yourself, friends or family including pain, muscle tension, cancer, inflammation, Parkinson’s and many more
  2. Learn to return the body to homeostasis and natural balance.
  3. Food also can create inflammation and toxicity. Discussions about diet are also included in the lecture since a proper diet can positively impact healing, alkalinity, reduce inflammation and reversing disease.

Who should view this lecture?

This lecture is especially suited for:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Practitioners of acupuncture, massage therapy
  • Bodyworkers
  • Nurses and doctors

Training Presenter: Joseph Lucier AOBTA

  • Tui Na: Licensed Medical Massage Therapist nearly 20 years  (AOBTA) (TongRenHealer.com)
  • Tong Ren: Distance healing practitioner with worldwide clients
  • Author: Tam Healing System Illustrated Anatomy and Healing Strategies, The Nature of Cancer, The Truth about Depression, Bioelectricity the Forgotten Paradigm
  • Founder: Tong Ren Academy (TongRenAcademy.com) and Tong Ren Healer (TongRenHealer.com)

Join the training that has now been taught personally in Greece, Singapore, the US and recently in New York City.

Presenter: Joseph Lucier AOBTA, Tam Healing Practitioner, 20 Years
Plant Based Nutrition Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor
Author: Tam Healing System – Anatomy and Point Location, Bioelectricity the Forgotten Paradigm, Understanding Cancer as a Survival Tool of Nature, Plant Based Nutrition for Disease Prevention, The Dairy Contrarian


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