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Tam Healing System – Healing Workshops

HWOB_Cover_20121005Two Days Workshop – Level 1, 2 and 3

Anatomy and Point Location Slide Presentation

Tong Ren Distance Healing

Tui Na Medical Massage Therapy



Tong Ren Academy is dedicated to offering live hands on training workshops. Tam Healing System Tong Ren and Tui Na Massage is now popular all over the work. Tong Ren Academy has just begun an aggressive initiative to teach teachers in Greece to teach the next generation of practitioners there and in neighboring countries. Initiatives have been going on throughout the United States in clinics and Universities as well as Italy among a strong group of Italian doctors.

What you will learn:

Level 1
Slide Presentation for Anatomy and Point Location
* Accessing the Central Nervous System (CNS) for effective healing
* Opening a blockage in the areas of organs, glands to increase bioelectricity and bring the body back to homeostasis
* Understand the simple approach to focus on the patient, system by system such as the vascular system, the respiratory system, the endocrine system
* Extra focus on Cancer including the definition, cause and treatment of cancer up to stage 4 conditions

Level 2
Tong Ren Distance Healing – Hands on work applying what we have learned
* Point Location for Distance Healing
* Cases analysis for effective treatment

Level 3
Tui Na Hands On Medical Massage Therapy
* Learn our Tong Ren Academy developed tui na form specifically designed for healing major disease




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