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Healing Services

Joseph Lucier AOBTA offers the following healing services:

  • Tong Ren – Distance Healing
  • Tam Healing System Tui Na – Hands-on Medical Massage therapy
  • Healing Foods Consults

To make an appointment:

eMail: joe@tongrenhealer.com
Skype: TongRenHealer – Send a request for contact
Phone or Text: 1-617-276-5603

Need special pricing for an option not listed below? Contact Us.

Tam Healing System Medical Massage Therapy – Tui Na Therapy – On site – Tam Center For Healing


Tam Center for Healing
15 Cottage Ave
5th Floor
Quincy, Massachusetts 02169

Medical Massage Therapy treatments are 1 hour. These are specific therapeutic treatments used in the Tam Healing System for opening a blockage, with a high focus on the client’s treatment of conditions ranging from cancer to lower back pain.

Tuina Medical massage Therapy Treatments – click on links to purchase:

1 1/2 Hour Treatment $120

1 Hour Treatment $90.00

1/2 Hour Treatment $60


Tong Ren Distance Healing – Skype (tongrenhealer) or by phone: (617) 276-5603

Tong Ren Energy Treatments are done with clients anywhere in the world. With healing energy, people are not limited by distance. Skype is the best option if that is available to you

Tong Ren treatments usually take 45 minutes to 1 hour for the first treatment, and 1/2 hour to 45 minutes after that. They are by telephone or Skype, allowing treatments in the comfort of your own home, especially if people are experiencing extreme health challenges.

1  Hour Treatment $75

1/2 Hour Treatment 50


Food Consult – Based upon the 3Rs – Remove, Replace and Revitalize

Food Consultations usually take 1 hour for the first consult and 1/2 hour after that for follow-up.

The goal of the food consult is to nourish the body with nourishing foods and allow the body to do what it does best, heal itself and maintain this incredible machine we call our human body.

Before the first session, the client submits a food log or journal of 1 week of meals to give a better understanding of what to work on.

1 Hour Food Consult $70.00

1/2 Hour Food Consult Follow up $40

1 Hour Appointment – 1/2 Food consult 1/2 Hour Tui Na massage $75